Children's Plus, Inc

Opening Day Collections

 With CPI your Opening Day Collection is custom curated to fit your needs. No cookie-cutter solutions or algorithm generated recommendation lists. We use in-depth content knowledge, a full-service portfolio, an immense range of materials and a dedicated support staff to fully execute your plan.

Your goals are priority. Discuss your budget, timeline, specifications and needs for this collection with your CPI representative.

Our Collection Development specialists will curate a custom collection based on your specifications and budget.

Your collection is 100% customizable. During the review process you will have the opportunity to provide feedback and make any changes

During this step, you will confirm your cataloging, processing and attaching specifications with your CPI representative. CPI will provide you with a sample processed book to review.

Next, your CPI representative will review your need-by date, delivery and shelving requirements.

Once your collection is finalized, submit your purchase to CPI.

Your CPI representative will keep you updated on the progress of your Opening Day Collection.

Sit back and enjoy! Our shelving support team will arrive on delivery day to shelve your collection. When shelving is complete, we'll also take care of clean up and getting rid of those pesky boxes.