Children's Plus, Inc

Customer Testimonials

Mid-Continent Public Library

Mid-Continent Public Library has worked with Children’s Plus for years, not only to purchase youth material but as a partner in our Summer Learning Program. When we wanted to begin having materials pre-processed before arrival, they worked with staff to make sure items were cataloged and processed to our specifications. For the Summer Learning Program, they’ve been invaluable with their work in identifying diverse, age-appropriate books as prizes and creating lists from which staff can select. They understand our needs, our budgets, and our customer service philosophy. They routinely go above and beyond.
Susan Wray, Assistant Director & COO

San Francisco Public Library

Superb customer service. They answer our questions or requests promptly. – Alice S. Chan, Technical Services Manager

Johnson County Library

Children’s Plus has made the summer reading experience smooth sailing for our library system. They curate our lists based on our needs and quickly adjust for feedback. During a year of rapid change, Children’s Plus was there to assist and adapted seamlessly to our new circumstances. We value the relationship developed over the past few summers and the impact they have helped us make in our community. – Jennifer Reeves, Youth Service Librarian

Mid-Continent Public Library

Mid-Continent Public Library has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Children’s Plus Inc, and we are consistently impressed with their professionalism and customer service. During this challenging Summer Library Program season, in particular, working with Children’s Plus was a wonderful gift. They were always willing to be flexible to our changing needs and graciously processed reorders throughout the summer. We’re grateful for their partnership and look forward to continuing our relationship with them in the future. – Katie McDonald, Associate Director of Reader Engagement

Beecher Community Library

Children’s Plus provides excellent customer service. They explain things thoroughly and quickly respond to any issue we have. The customized collection development lists make our job easier. All in all, they’re devoted to helping us get great books into the hands of children. Having books that are in good shape is a priority for us. We purchase prebound copies of popular titles from Children’s Plus, and they still look great after lots of circulation. – Dawn G., Circulation Clerk

Addison Public Library

Just a note to let you know CPI is the big winner. Of the three distributors we regularly purchase from electronically, CPI was the first to be ready to go with our new system. Great job, CPI. – Sue Eilers, Collection Development Specialist

Children’s Plus has become invaluable by providing monthly, customized lists for ease of purchasing. Customer service is outstanding, and they always go above and beyond. They assisted us when we underwent an extensive weeding project in our nonfiction section. They helped us rebuild our collection with new, up to date titles. We could not have completed this project so quickly, and successfully, without their help. We now purchase our juvenile and young adult materials exclusively from Children’s Plus. – Andrea Bennett, Assistant Director/Head of Youth Services